The key to keeping a healthy informal pond is keeping the water clean. Our pond cleaning service ensures that plants are well maintained to ensure they do not take over. If you have the right balance of plants and oxygen, you will encourage wildlife and your aquatic plants will thrive.

To keep a formal Koi pond healthy more equipment is needed including filtration systems, pumps, and a good maintenance regime. As Koi produce ten times more waste than other pond fish good filtration is paramount, and your pond will need a higher level of maintenance.

We take pride in our work and our loyal customers often request our help and advice in regard to maintaining their ponds. Feel free to view our testimonials page to read our customer reviews. For more information email or call 01564 703 018.

Common pond problems

Maintaining water quality

Keeping a good water quality is particularly important and all depends on the type of pond you have. The following would apply more to a nature pond with wildlife and goldfish or other pond fish:

  • Once a balance of plants and animal life is established, the water should remain clear without needing further attention. However, if you notice any changes in the numbers of fish and plants, the water balance may be slightly off. Resulting in a surge of algal growth may result.
  • As algae depend on sunlight, carbon dioxide and dissolved mineral salts for survival, reduce the amount of sunlight they receive. This can be done by growing plants such as waterlilies. Ideally, growing a sufficient number so that their floating leaves cover more than 50% of the water surface.
  • The addition of oxygenating plants, which are efficient at absorbing minerals and carbon dioxide, helps to starve out the algae. It is important to remove any rotting organic matter in the pond such as dead leaves and flowers. A form of algae known as blanket weed is often found in ponds. If left unchecked can choke the plants and restrict the movement of fish.

As previously stated, maintaining a formal Koi pond is a vastly different story. To keep a good water quality in a formal Koi, pond the following apply:

  • A good filtration system is necessary including pond filter, pumps, UV clarifiers and oxygen pumps.
  • A comprehensive maintenance regime.
  • Regular water quality monitoring to test PH levels and KH levels (water hardness). This will help to keep your pond clean, water quality to a good standard and the healthiest environment possible for you Koi carp.

Water loss

There can be several causes of persistent water loss in a pond and find out the reason can be tricky. If you do find that your pond is experiencing water loss, firstly, remove all fish and wildlife. Keep them in a safe hold until your pond is fully repaired and restored. Next, turn off all equipment and fill it up to the highest level.

  • If the level stays the same the leak will be outside of the pond such as waterfalls, filters, piping. These can then be inspected and repaired once the leak is found.
  • If the pond itself is leaking leave to drain down to the point of the leak, then it can be repaired. If you have a preformed fiberglass pond, the ground underneath might not be properly consolidated. Therefore, you need to also look for cracks as these can form due to the weight of the water. Additionally, concrete ponds may also crack from frost damage during the winter. Inspect the surface carefully as cracks can be exceptionally fine.
  • If your pond has a Butyl, EPDM rubber, or PVC liner, leaks may be caused by punctures.
  • It is also possible for the coating on the concrete to wear over time causing the skin of the concrete to become porous.

Winter maintenance

  • During the winter months the cleaner you can keep your pond the better. Removing dead leaves and foliage is a service we provide to help you maintain a healthy pond.
  • During the winter months ice may form, trapping methane gas which is released from submerged decaying vegetation and is potentially lethal to fish.

A common misconception during the winter months is to turn your pond equipment off. We do advise to turn waterfalls off during winter as they will add an extra chill to the water. However, leaving pumps, filters, and UV equipment on will stop your pond freezing over. This is due to the friction of the running water. If we have a particularly harsh winter, you may need to cover your pond over as it may begin to freeze.

Our regular maintenance package can include any of the services above as well as inspecting and cleaning pond filters and pumps. Whatever the type of pond you have, no matter the shape and size we specialise in keeping your ponds maintained properly. Using the right amount of care, you can sit back and relax. Contact us to book your maintenance visit.