Hozelock Cascade Small Fountain & Waterfall Pump 450

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Creating that movement in a fountain, waterfall or ornament is simple with easy to use Cascade Pond Pumps, giving you reliable end results to be proud of.

The Cascade is ideal for decorative ponds with a range of sizes for operating everything from a small water feature to larger combined fountain and waterfall displays.

Water can be pumped to a filter and directly back to the pond, or down a waterfall.

  1. High efficiency motor for low running costs and long life
  2. Flow controls to adjust size of fountain and waterfall independently
  3. Ball joint for fountain stem angle adjustment
  4. Anti-clog foam free inlet cage reduces maintenance
  5. Special outlet for waterfall or feature with quick connect hose coupling
  6. Telescopic fountain pipe

Dimensions: (LxWxH): 7.8 x 4.8 x 6cm
Voltage: 230v
Wattage: 10w
Guarantee: 3 years
Power cable length: 10m (33')
Maximum flow: 450lph (100gph)
Physical height from base of pump to top of fountain: 35cm
Maximum flow at 1m head height: lph
Maximum fountain height: 0.63m
Maximum head height: 1m (3'03")
Fountain heads: 2-tier and 3-tier
Main outlet size: 12mm (1/2")

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