Medium duty 1.5" 38mm SUCTION Black Hose Price per 1 mtr

Sale price£3.99


The flexible suction hose made of PVC is reinforced by a spiral made of solid PVC.

The suction hose can even be used without any problem as a pressure hose and is perfectly suited for the connection to our pond pumps and domestic waterworks.

High-performance scope:
o Drainage of the cellar
o Lowering of ground water
o For the use on ships
o For emergencies in case of flooding
o Pond cleaning

Special features:
o Free of lead
o Free of cadmium
o Excellent UV resistance
o microbial growth not possible
o resistant to hydrolysis

The hose´s range of temperature is between -5°C and +65°C, the surface is slightly ribbed and the diameter is 25 mm (1").

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