Microbe Lift Ph Plus

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Formulated in deionized water
Includes 2 pH increasers for gentle effectiveness
Includes 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance
Contains a slime coat ingredient for skin protection and stress reduction in pond fish
Has a chelating agent to enhance water quality
Safely raises the pH level
Not harmful to fish or plants
Can temporarily blur the water, depending on the water quality
Test pond water the same time each day (dawn=lowest pH; dusk= highest pH) for a pH reading below 6.5. Most ponds target at 7.5pH with an alkalinity level between 100-200 ppm (normal range). Add one ounce per 375 gallons of pond water for every 0.1 pH unit increase desired. Apply MICROBE-LIFT pH INCREASE in several steps and measure increased pH before next addition. If your pond contains fish and/or plants, do not dramatically raise your pH levels more than 0.5 pH unit in a 24 hour period, as not to shock aquatic life and/or fish.
When you have a 3000 litres pond and you want to increase the pH from 7,1 to 7,5, add 240 ml Increase Plus

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