Oase Floating Fountain Illumination Set LED White

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  • Brand new from Oase is the PondJet Floating Fountain White LED Light Set. Designed to fit the Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountain, the White LED Light Set consists of 3 x LunAqua Power LED Spotlights, 3 x holding brackets and a robust LED Driver complete with 20 metres of cable.

    These spotlights are small yet bright, while still being economical at only 5.8w power consumption yet delivering light as bright as a 50w halogen spotlight. The powerful white LED illumination will light up your fountain a treat.

    With all the brackets and cabling provided you can position your lights to create stunning displays, and make great savings on energy consumption at the same time. The spotlights, drivers and cables are suitable for underwater use to a depth of 4m thanks to the patented Oase IP68 rated underwater connection technology.

  • Suitable for illumination of Oase PondJet Eco as well as Midi, Maxi and AirFlo
  • Includes: 3 x White LED Spotlights, 3 x Brackets, 1 x Driver inc 20m cable
  • Small, compact spotlight with robust underwater connection technology
  • One of the brightest LED spotlights in the Oase pond illumination range
  • Only 5.8 W power consumption, yet as bright as a 50 W light bulb
  • Safe operation of the spotlights through 24 V DC low voltage
  • Spotlights, drivers and cable suitable for underwater use to a depth of 4 m
  • 36,000+ hours service thanks to good thermal management & high quality LEDs

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