Oase Nozzle 'Schaumsprudler' 35-10 E

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The Oase Schaumsprudler 35-10E Fountain Nozzle provides a bubbling, foam effect, decorative water display, which has a very high wind stability. Made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel the Oase 35-10E Fountain Nozzle has a maximum foaming jet height of 4.4m, dependant on pump flow rate. The Schaumsprudler Fountain Nozzle comes complete with a 1" BSP male threaded screw connection and must be installed above the waters surface.

  • Part Number: 50984
  • Foam effect fountain nozzle
  • Must be installed above the water surface
  • High contrast, lively water pattern
  • Trouble-free continuous operation
  • Offers oxygen enrichment
  • Extensively wind-stable
  • Ideal for use with the Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Pond Pumps

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