Oase Pump Shield

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  • Made from high quality materials to ensure a long lasting life
  • Designed to help protect your pump leading to less maintenance and a longer life span.
  • easy to install with drawstring fitting mechanism.
  • Fish and plant safe
  • Can help prevent tadpoles, newts and other wildlife from being sucked in to your pump
  • Suitable for all types of submersible pump

The Pump Shield pump protection net bag by Oase has been made from a durable mesh fabric. It can be used with almost all types of pond pump, just put your pump inside the bag, use the drawstring to fit the pump and it will keep out debris to increase the longevity and reduce maintenance requirements for your pump.

The net bag features a drawstring closing mechanism. Clever and simplicity itself, it will also prevent tadpoles, newts and other small wildlife from being sucked in to the pump.

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