Zeolite 10ltrs Superfish

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Zeolite helps to eliminate ammonia, after a period of time the Zeolite can be re-charged by soaking in a strong salt solution for 24hrs.

Zeolite reduces the Ammonia in your pond creating a healthier enviroment for your Koi. It works by trapping and absorbing Ammonia, extracting it from your ponds water.

Ammonia is the number one killer of pond fish, maintaining a health level of ammonia within your ponds ecosystem is essential and Zeolite can aid in this process.

As Zeolite absorbs the ammoni, soaking in salt overnight will release the entrapped ammonia enabelling the Zeolite to be reused. However, should you need to treat your pond with salt or other medications you must remove the Zeolite from the filter system as the entrapped ammonia will release back into your system.

Zeolite is a re-generable filter media – to recharge, simply soak Zeolite in a saline (cooking salt) solution for 24 hours, rinse and return to your pond/filter. (Saline Solution – 1kg to 10lts water)

1kg Treats 300gls / 1362lts

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